Project Publications


The VALIANT consortium have published various documents and materials which may be of use to educators and educational policy makers who are interested in the integration of Virtual Exchange in contexts of teacher education.

Deliverable 1: Virtual Exchange Manual

Deliverable 2: Research protocol for the VALIANT study

Deliverable 3: Literature review: Developing Virtual Innovation and Support Networks for In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers.

Deliverable 4: Report on VALIANT stakeholder survey

Deliverable 5: VALIANT findings and policy recommendations

Deliverable 6: Open Access book on the results of the VALIANT project: Virtual Innovation and Support Networks: Exploring the Impact of Virtual Exchange in Teacher Education (To be published by Peter Lang publishers in May 2024)

Deliverable 7: Interviews from the VALIANT conference – Colleagues from the UAB Barcelona carried out flash interviews with in-service teachers at the final conference in León. These were brief and spontaneous interviews aimed to gather immediate reactions, opinions, or insights regarding the VALIANT project (output, materials, activities, etc.).

Deliverable 8: What did you learn from your Virtual Exchange? A short video where in-service teachers reflect on their experiences in interacting with student teachers in VALIANT Virtual Exchange projects.

Deliverable 9: A case study of Virtual Exchange between young teachers emerging from the VALIANT project

Deliverable 10: Video recordings of the plenary sessions from the VALIANT final conference – including the results of the VALIANT project – can be seen here.

Participants in various VALIANT exchanges also developed materials for teachers and student teachers:

  1. A set of resources for Supporting Teachers of Ukrainian Refugees
  2. Key challenges and strategies for new teachers: A short handbook Volume 1
  3. Key challenges and strategies for new teachers: A short handbook Volume 2
  4. Key challenges and strategies for new teachers Volume 3

Promotional materials:

Infographic on the VALIANT Virtual Exchanges

Video 1 on the VALIANT project

Video 2 on the VALIANT project