Virtual Innovation and Support Networks for Teachers
An Erasmus+ KA3 European Policy Experimentation

Levels of satisfaction with VALIANT exchanges

Results from the first two rounds of VALIANT exchanges show that both in-service teachers and student teachers have had very positive learning experiences in our Virtual Exchanges.

Teachers: Sign up for your Virtual Exchange with colleagues from all over Europe!

The VALIANT team will be runnning the following Virtual Exchanges for school teachers from all over Europe in the autumn/winter of 2022.

VALIANT Virtual Exchange participants publish handbook for new teachers

Led by VALIANT consortium colleagues and Virtual Exchange experts, participants in a VALIANT Virtual Exchange have published online an Open Source handbook entitled “Key challenges and strategies for new teachers”.

Presenting VALIANT in Europe

Presenting the Valiant Project at the ATEE conference “Teaching and Learning for an Inclusive, Interconnected World”

Learn more about VALIANT

The VALIANT team will be runnning the following Virtual Exchanges for school teachers from all over Europe in the spring and winter of 2022.

Information on our new round of Virtual Exchanges

Our new infographic tells you how you can take part in our VALIANT exchange programme.

Sign up for the spring VALIANT Virtual Exchanges!

Learn about the next round of our Virtual Exchanges and register here:

Teachers as mentors: Learning during and through teaching practice

A short e-booklet was collaboratively authored by pre-service and experienced teachers during the VALIANT Virtual Exchange module entitled ‘Learning During Teaching Practice’.

VALIANT Virtual Exchanges are underway

The VALIANT team started this week our first round of telecollaborative projects which will bring school teachers, student teachers and educational experts in online collaboration together.Β 

Back to work after the summer!

The VALIANT team met on Thursday 09 September to finalise details of our autum virtual exchange projects bringing together in-service teachers and student-teachers in online collaborative learning.Β 

The next @ValiantProject #VirtualExchange connects in-service teachers with students of initial teacher education doing their practicum (17 Oct-25 Nov). This is an opportunity to mentor and collaborate with new teachers on solutions to classroom challenges

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