Take part in our Virtual Exchanges in autumn/winter 2022

The VALIANT team will be runnning the following Virtual Exchanges for school teachers from all over Europe in the autumn/winter of 2022. If you are a school teacher and would like to take part in one of the exchanges together with fellow teachers as well as student teachers, choose the ones below which you find most interesting and then complete this short registration form. Teacher trainers from universities who would like to involve their classes of students of Initial Teacher Education are also welcome to sign up by announcing your class on this page.

Deadline for registration is Friday 30 September 2022. Places are limited – sign up soon!

You can learn more about the VALIANT project and what we are aiming to achieve by watching this short video.

Name of Virtual Exchange Short description of the Virtual Exchange How long will the Virtual Exchange run? Who might be interested?
Virtual Exchange 3.1:  Blended Intensive Programme on Innovation in Foreign Language Education This Virtual Exchange will be offered as an ERASMUS+Blended Intensive Programme. This means that it will combine 1) online lectures by invited guest speakers, 2) international online collaboration in working groups between student teachers and secondary school teachers and 3) a final week-long period at the University of León, Spain (in January 2023)  which will involve the conclusion of project work and other events.  15 November 2022-

15 January 2023

Teachers and student teachers interested in learning about recent innovations in foreign language teaching and in collaborating with colleagues from all over Europe. More information here
Virtual Exchange 3.2: “Using Gamification in Foreign Language Teaching” The aim of this collaborative Virtual Exchange is to introduce in-service primary and secondary foreign language school teachers from across Europe to the use of gamification for foreign language teaching, as well as give them the opportunity to have customized materials developed for them for their specific teaching context. They will partner up with pre-service English as a Foreign Language Teaching Master students to develop and test gamified teaching materials best suited to their specific context and needs. They will also have the chance to establish a working network with other in-service teachers during this time. 20 November 2022 –  20 January 2023 Primary and secondary school teachers interested in the use of gamification in language teaching. 
Virtual Exchange 3.3: “Diversity and inclusion in our classrooms: strategies and teacher well-being” The topic for the Virtual Exchange is Diversity and Inclusion from the perspective of promoting the well-being of teachers. This deals with issues such as the integration of all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, educational background, or achievement level’. In this exchange, school teachers from across Europe will share challenges and problems on diversity and inclusion from their classrooms as well as strategies to cope with them. They will compare their strategies in different countries and contexts and they will create a presentation for other teachers who may experience similar problems or issues in their classrooms to promote inclusion and teacher well-being in similar situations. 26 October –

7 December 2022. 

School teachers from all subject areas interested in how to deal with diversity in their classrooms. 
Virtual Exchange 3.4: “Learning during teaching practice” This Virtual Exchange aims at connecting in-service teachers with students of Initial Teacher Education who are completing their teaching practice (practicum). During the trans-national mentoring sessions with in-service teachers, practicum students will learn about strategies of classroom management and will receive just-in-time teaching and mentoring in response to challenges they face in their practicum classes. In-service teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate with practicum students of ITE towards working out solutions to common problems that arise in their classes. 17 October –

25 November 2022

Teachers interested in collaborating with teachers and student teachers from across Europe. 
Virtual Exchange 3.5:  Computational Thinking in Spanish and Portuguese Computational thinking is gaining momentum in primary curricula as a key skill for the digital era. It develops abstract thinking, problem solving and the creativity and flexibility to link natural thought processes to computer programming. In this VE participants will learn about and become engaged with problem-solving through decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms through problems they may transfer to the primary classroom. Additionally, participants will engage in a bilingual and intercultural experience through using Portuguese and Spanish to communicate. 2nd Nov 2022 – 11th January 2023 Profesores interesados en un intercambio virtual con otros profesores utilizando el español y el portugues como lenguas franca. 
Virtual Exchange 3.6: Virtual Exchange between classes of Initial Teacher Education  The VALIANT team also helps teacher trainers to connect their classes with other classes of Initial Teacher Education. We also provide support and materials for the Virtual Exchanges. If you are a teacher trainer ane a teacher trainer and would like to involve your students, choose Virtual Exchange  in the registration form.   Adapted to your course timetable Teacher trainers at university level interested in connecting their students with other classes of student teachers. 
Virtual Exchange 3.7: Supporting teachers of Ukraininan refugees This Virtual Exchange brings together teachers from across Europe who are working with or preparing to work with Ukrainian students in their classes who have been displaced by the war. Each week, participants will learn from invited expert speakers about the specific needs of Ukrainian students and how to support their learning. Topics will include teaching advice from experienced teachers of Ukrainian students, information about trauma-informed teaching, the social and cultural background and needs of Ukrainian learners, and perspectives from Ukrainian scholars and teachers. Participants will have the chance to collaborate with and build community with fellow colleagues across Europe for the purpose of ongoing support and resource-sharing after the conclusion of the virtual exchange. 7 November-

12 December 2022

(6 online sessions)

Teachers who are working with or preparing to work with Ukrainian students in their classes who have been displaced by the war.